What are the things that you want in a new vinyl fencing? You want it to be strong. Vinyl fencing is four times stronger than wood, in addition it is flexible, and will move under stress instead of breaking. Vinyl fencing will not shrink or warp. Vinyl fencing is impervious to wood destroying insects and dry rot. A vinyl fence never needs painting or staining, it will not change color from exposure to sunlight and chemicals in your water. Vinyl fencing is good looking. Ever notice how wood fences have an ugly side. One side of a typical wood fence is the rail side, if this is the side you look at every day you know what we mean. Vinyl fencing looks the same from both sides; we call it the good neighbor fence, because, everyone is happy with the way it looks. Show us a wood fence that is more than a few months old, that isn’t decorated with a full compliment of rusty nails or screws. And, if it’s privacy you are looking for, there’s nothing private about a wood fence with huge spaces between the slats.

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